Blacktip shark tooth necklace classic jet black glass seed beads c89

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Genuine Black tip sharks tooth for sale by Oceanicshark Australia. shark attack apex predator tropical waters. party favour collector fishing surfing diving boys girls gift.
Condition: 100% NEW WITH TAGS
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Tooth Size: 15-19 mm Long & 13-16mm Wide
Black cord necklace 34cm – 75cm
Adjustable slip knot cord necklace to fit any size neck

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Blacktip Sharks Carcharhinus limbatusis are found worldwide in inshore and offshore tropical to sub-tropical waters, they are commonly found at the 30m depth but will dive to over 60m. The average size is 1.5m to 2.5m long.

 They feed mostly on small schooling fishes such as sardines, mackerel and many other bony fishes, They are known to breach the water whilst feeding.

 The teeth on the upper and lower jaw are almost identical, They have a broad base and are long and pointy with many fine serrations. The international shark attack file has recorded that blacktip sharks are responsible for 28 unprovoked attacks on humans.

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