Genuine Bull Shark tooth necklace Australia c206

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This Genuine Bull shark tooth necklace has it all - new modern design, real shark tooth, natural wood and chrome coloured beads. Created by jewellery designers from Oceanicshark, Australia. Excellent one-of-a-kind summer jewellery. Adjustable cord is easy to use, fits any size. Perfect present for shark fan, surfer or someone who likes to be different. 
Condition: 100% NEW WITH TAGS
Quantity: 1
Tooth Size: 22-25mm Long & 22-25 mm Wide
Adjustable slip knot cord necklace to fit any size neck


BULL SHARK “Carcharhinus leucas” Bull sharks are found worldwide in tropical to subtropical coastal waters. They have been reported to reach an average size of 3.4m (11ft) long and weigh 230kg. The International shark attack file has recorded that Bull sharks are responsible 69 attacks & 17 fatalities on humans.
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