Shark teeth for sale loose Blacktip Bull Spinner Silky shark mixture Oceanicshark LT-1

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Real shark teeth collection (small teeth). Great shark present for the shark lover, kids shark birthday present or Australian souvenir. Teeth size about 5-15 mm. Shark teeth are in a pack of approximately 40-50 pcs. It’s a mixture of different shark species: Bull shark, Blacktip shark, Silky shark, Spinner shark.

Loose shark teeth organized in packs by weight of 10 grams or so. You can expect to get about 40-50 good teeth in the mix, however it will have some broken teeth and bones in the mix as well.

These shark teeth are quite small, so please take out your ruler and see what 5 mm and 15 mm looks like before purchasing. The shark teeth are measured from widest part of the tooth from the tip to the root along the edge.

If you would like larger teeth, please check out shark teeth collection or contact us.

SHIPPING: USA, NZ $25.00 for as many necklaces as you like.
REST OF WORLD $45.00 for up to 16 necklaces.
INTERNATIONAL Jaws shipping $65.00 and $15.00 each additional Jaw larger jaws as indicated on item.