Loose teeth mixture lucky dip of black tip bull spinner shark teeth LT-2

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 small teeth come in packs of approximately 29-35 pcs they measure from 14-18mm or slightly smaller or lager. They are a mixture of blacktip, silky, Bull, Tiger, Mako shark teeth basically a mix of teeth organised by weight of 10 grams so it will have various broken teeth and bone in the mix, on average I would expect you to sort out around 30 good teeth from the pack and discard the broken ones, these teeth are quite small so please take out your ruler and see what 5mm and 15mm looks like before purchasing, they are measured from the widest part of the tooth from the tip to the root along the edge.

If you would like larger teeth please email me with your request and prices start from $2.50 upwards for big teeth that can be set into jewellery.


POSTAGE via regular within Australia is FREE.



SHIPPING: USA, UK, CAN, NZ $9.00 for the first item and $2.00 each additional item.
REST OF WORLD $45.00 for up to 16 necklaces.
ALL COUNTRIES OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA Jaws shipping $45.00 and $15.00 each additional Jaw larger jaws as indicated on item.