5 Shark Gift Ideas for Father's Day

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5 Shark Gift Ideas for Father's Day


Getting a unique gift for Father’s Day is not always easy. If he is an enthusiastic fisherman, he probably already has a new fishing top or a beer holder from before. What to get him for a Father’s Day this year? Or your dad may be the one who just wants nothing. Or even worse – the one who has everything. Finding a right present becomes tiring and takes forever. In this case shark present might be just the thing for you.

Here are 5 shark present ideas that might surprise your Dad

  1. Leather necklace with Tiger shark tooth $49.99

Shark present Fathers day

If your Dad is a surfer or diver, tiger shark leather necklace will be a perfect shark present for him.

Tiger sharks have dark stripes on their bodies that make them look like a tiger. Their teeth have complex serrations and unique shape, that’s why they look very different from other shark teeth species.


  1. Silver necklace with bull shark tooth $99.99

Fathers day gift ideas shark tooth necklace

Fine jewellery for a sophisticated shark lover.

Bull sharks are extremely aggressive species. They’ve been known to attack crocodiles in Australia and hippos in Africa. They are also “free spirits”, it is very difficult to keep them in captivity.


  1. Blacktip shark jaw $245

Shark jaws for sale shark present

Blacktip shark jaw can be a thoughtful shark present for the man cave, shed or bar.

Blacktip sharks got their name from a prominent black tip on their fins. Blacktip shark jaw is a unique decoration detail for a man cave or a beach house.


  1. Silver necklace with Mako shark tooth $169.99

Mako shark tooth silver pendant shark present Fathers day

Mako shark tooth silver necklace is a wonderful shark present for a charismatic man or a sport fisherman.

Many Pacific and New Zealand tribes believe that wearing a shark tooth necklace give the man qualities of the predator. Mako shark is the fastest sharks in the world. They are highly intelligent and great hunters. They hunt swordfish and have been seen attacking boats.


  1. Spinner shark jaw $89.99

Fathers day present shark jaws for sale

Spinner shark jaw is a wonderful present for a shark collector.

They got their name for their love of spinning. Spinner shark might not have the fame of the Great White shark, but their jaws are as rare to find for sale. Quite a treasure in a shark presents hunting in Australia.

If you are tired buying generic mass-produced presents for your Dad every year and looking for something really special, shark jewellery or a shark jaw could be a fresh idea. You can find cool shark presents in our Silver collection or our Jaw collection


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