About us

We are Oceanicshark
Exclusive online store specializing in shark teeth products

Shark spirit in men jewellery and souvenirs

Oceanicshark is South Australian business that developed from a private collection of shark teeth and shark jaws that company founders have been collecting over many years.

oceanicshark“I have always been excited about sharks. Since I caught my first shark and made a pendant out of its tooth, it’s been a life-long passion. Oceanicshark started as a jewellery collection for men who appreciate the idea of freedom. They haven’t lost the ancient spirit of hunters in their busy modern life”.
Pasquale Rinaldi, Co-founder and Production Manager

Ethically sourced real shark teeth and jaws

We don’t support shark finning or commercial net fishing of sharks. Common species come from fishermen (the ones using hook fishing only) who otherwise throw back the shark head. We buy byproducts of sustainable fishing only, clean the teeth and make a beautiful jewellery out of it.

Sharks’ jaws and teeth of rare species (like Mako or Hammerhead shark) are selected from our private collection that has been gathered over many years from different habitats of the world.

Shark tooth necklace AustraliaWe don’t sell great white sharks jaws and teeth (illegal in Australia). For endangered species we have all the documents from Australian government confirming that shark species we have were sourced long before these sharks became endangered.

Supplier of museums and marine biologists

Because of our unique collection, we often supply our shark teeth and jaws to the world-known museums, famous surfers, marine biologists, paleontologists and private collectors like us.

Exclusive shark tooth presents

Oceanicshark“Each of our products it truly unique. If you are looking for a shark present that no one else have, Oceanicshark can help you with that.

We often get messages from our customers saying how happy their loved one were to receive such a special gift.  It brightens my day every time.” 

Elena Rinaldi, Co-founder and Marketing manager

 We can proudly say that we have the largest selection of shark tooth pendants and jaws in Australia. Our collection consists of many different shark species such as Bull, Mako, Tiger, Blue, Bramble, Chimaera, Tawny Nurse and many more. 

Shark tooth silver

Each shark jaw is cleaned and set by hand. Every single tooth for a necklace, pendant or collectable souvenir is carefully selected by species, size, colour, quality and shape.

All of our products are hand-made and each shark tooth necklace is unique. Our silversmiths have been working with shark teeth for many years and have mastered the difficulties of crafting each shark tooth in silver, which is very delicate work.
In our online store you can find shark souvenirs, shark tooth necklaces, shark tooth silver pendants and shark jaws for sale.