About us

Oceanicshark is a South Australian registered business which I got the concept for during a spear fishing trip when I saw my first shark. I have always been excited about sharks and believe seeing one in the flesh like that was how this business was born.

Australian and New Zealand aboriginals believe that the predator’s tooth or bone gives power to the person that wears it. As such, Oceanicshark started out as a jewelry collection for men who have that freedom of spirit and haven’t lost the soul of these ancient hunters in their busy modern lives.

After making our first piece of jewelry from sharks and seeing how our initial customers were satisfied and happy about our product we realized that there are many other people around the world who share our passion for these unique creatures.

Oceanicshark specialises in shark jaw and teeth products. We can proudly say that we have the largest selection of shark products in Australia. Our shark collection consists of many different shark species such as Bull, Mako, Tiger, Bramble, Chimaera, Tawny Nurse and many more.

One of our primary concerns is our refusal to deal with fins or support the shark finning industry, therefore our sharks are sourced from sustainable fisheries from all over the world that utilise the entire shark; from the meat, skin, bone and liver for Squalene oil. We source the jaws and teeth as a byproduct from this process.

All of our products are hand made by artisan masters and every item is unique and one of a kind. Our silver smiths have been working with shark teeth for many years and have mastered the difficulty in crafting each tooth in silver; every piece in our collection has been created by inspiration which has left the feeling that every item has absorbed its creator’s love. Each jaw is cleaned and set by hand and every single tooth item has been carefully selected and graded to be placed in a necklace, collector card or collectable souvenir. We are perfectionists and all our products in this site have been selected for their quality.

Sharks inhabited the earth long before humans, we have always been intrigued about these ancient creatures & always will be and we are pleased to share our passion for sharks with you.