How Are Shark Tooth Necklaces Made?

How Are Shark Tooth Necklaces Made?

Many people who like shark teeth jewelry are interested in where they are obtained from and how shark tooth necklaces are made. We will try to answer these questions in as much detail as possible. Our company specializes in shark teeth jewelry. And the trust of our customers is very important to us.

Are shark teeth illegal?

Of course, we work legally and do not kill sharks solely for the sake of their teeth. All shark teeth are purchased from licensed fisheries. They have legal permits to catch a certain number of sharks, which mainly used for fish and chips. At the same time, these companies do not need the fish heads and teeth, that is, they would simply throw them away. We buy shark heads, clean jaws, and then we make jewelry out of the shark teeth.

Where does rare shark teeth jewelry come from?

  • If we sell teeth from rare sharks, for example, Mako, then we have all the approvals from the Parks and Wildife Commission that the shark teeth were purchased legally before the shark became rare.
  • By the way, we have some jewelry with crocodile teeth as well. All of them are bought from crocodile farms, where crocodiles are bred for meat and skin. These animals are definitely not from the wild. All permits for these products are also available.
  • We never work with Chinese companies that only fish for shark fins.

How to find shark teeth at the bottom of the sea?

Some manufacturers of shark tooth jewelry claim that they take shark teeth for jewelry from divers. Divers, in turn, find them at the bottom of the ocean. We can say with full responsibility that this is not true. One of the owners of our company is a professional diver who has been diving for over 20 years in different parts of the world. It is extremely rare that you can find shark teeth lying on the bottom of the ocean. So, you should not believe such advertising myths.

How do we make shark teeth necklaces and bracelets?

The business began with the fact that one of the founders of the company started to select rare large shark jaws as his private collection 30 years ago. Then the collection grew, and the idea came up to make shark teeth bracelets and necklaces. That's how the business started.

Once purchased from fishing companies, shark jaws are cleaned and stored in a ventilated area. Then our jewelers in Australia and Indonesia handcraft necklaces and bracelets. Why are they made by hand? Because there are no identical shark teeth. That is the reason, why absolutely every piece of jewelry, from affordable cord necklaces to rare ones in silver, is made by man.

Who are our clients?

A lot of people order our exclusive jewelry with rare shark teeth as gifts for loved ones or buy shark presents for themselves and friends. We also supply schools, famous world museums and aquariums with shark teeth and jaws. Shark jaws are often bought by shark scientists or shark fans.

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