Most Dangerous Sharks

Most Dangerous Sharks

In fact, the reputation of sharks as deadly killers is somewhat exaggerated by the media and cinema. But among sharks, there are those species that really pose a serious danger to humans. Here are three of the most dangerous sharks that have gained worldwide fame for their ferocious temper.

Great white shark

The Great White shark is one of the most dangerous, as well as one of the largest and famous sharks in the world. Here are some interesting facts about the Great White shark. Its size reaches 6 meters or more, and sometimes its weight exceeds 3 tons. This species is common not only in deep water but also in shallow water, especially in those places where surfers like to ride. Of all the existing species of sharks, the Great White most often attack humans.

Tiger shark

The Tiger shark is one of the biggest predators in the sea. It got its name to a peculiar colour, consisting of an interweaving of dark and white stripes on the back of young individuals and fading with age. Interesting information about Tiger sharks. They can easily crush the shell of a sea turtle. Tiger sharks have blunt and short snouts with characteristic grins, spindle-shaped bodies and impressive size, reaching 4-5 meters in length. Tiger shark prefers shallow water and very often swims to the beaches. It is the second in the world in terms of the number of attacks on people.

Bull shark

Very dangerous, unpredictable and bloodthirsty Bull sharks are responsible for many unprovoked attacks on humans. This type of shark lives well in both salt and fresh water. Also, they very often swim in shallow water in search of prey. The Bull shark has a size of up to 4 meters. Its natural aggressiveness deprives the shark of a sense of danger. First, it performs a trademark headbutt, then a swift throw goes and a deadly bite completes the attack. This is a common scenario for shark's attacks, the ending of which is almost always tragic.

On average, 20-30 attacks by the most dangerous sharks on people occur per year, of which 4 to 10 are fatal.

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