Shark Tooth Necklace for Good Luck

Shark Tooth Necklace for Good Luck

People very often gave power to talismans, which were made from the teeth, skin and bones of various animals. These most famous talismans include a lucky shark tooth necklace. It has always been believed that such an amulet can give any person strength or perseverance. Nevertheless, in various countries and peoples where sharks were worshipped, the meaning of the talisman could change. Let's see what this amulet means in different cultures.

Here are how shark tooth necklaces have been used for good luck:


Amulets in the form of a lucky shark tooth necklace served as an adornment in many temples. In some of them, such decoration is still used.


Vietnamese fishermen named the whale shark Ca Ong or "Mistress Fish". Even today, shark-toothed altars can be seen in remote villages.


The shark tooth amulet was hung over the entrance to the house so ill-wishers would not encroach and their unclean thoughts could not penetrate into the premises.

North America

Indian tribes living near the ocean used the teeth and fins of sharks as a talisman. The most valuable were necklaces made from the teeth of a self-captured predator. Such a lucky shark tooth necklace should definitely bring victory in battle.

Oceania and Australia

People thought that shark tooth necklaces for good luck and fortune were protecting against attacks from other sharks.

Sri Lanka and India

There were shamans who knew some "languages of sharks". They wore shark teeth amulets and accompanied divers who collected shellfish underwater.

Now anyone can buy an original lucky shark tooth necklace. You can wear it as a piece of jewelry. If desired, it can also be used as an amulet, paying tribute to old legends.

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