The Symbolism of the Shark Tooth Necklace

Shark tooth symbolism -

The Symbolism of the Shark Tooth Necklace

The shark tooth necklace is an ancient amulet. People from different parts of the world have been using it for thousands of years. Wearing shark teeth was quite common for Polynesian and Pacific Island tribes and for the cultures living along the shore.

But what wearing a shark tooth necklace actually mean? Different cultures saw it very differently.


Originated in ancient Hawaiian mythology, there is a belief that a shark tooth necklace works as a talisman, protecting its owner from shark attacks and other dangers in the water. The legend tells us about warrior who was fighting a God and won, coming out of the ocean wearing a shark tooth. That’s why many surfers and divers like to wear this magic piece of jewellery to give them protection and safety.

People in African tribes used to hang shark teeth near the entrance to their houses to protect themselves from evil spirit and bad eye. In African culture using shark teeth for house protection was something like a house-shoe in a Western world.

Strength and masculinity

Sharks always played a big role in Maori culture of New Zealand. Maori believe that wearing Mako shark tooth necklace connects the owner with the spirit of shark, giving him strength, energy and masculine power. These amulets were passed in families from generation to generation.

Good luck

For people of Fiji shark was also important part of their folklore. They had a shark-God called Dakuwaqa, who was half-shark and half-man. Sailors and fishermen of Fiji believed that wearing a shark tooth necklace had the spirit of Dakuwaqa in it and brought them good luck while travelling or fishing.

Nowadays in Western culture we don’t believe much in spirits and ancient Gods. Shark necklace is now more of a fashion accessory and the way to express your individuality. But whether you are looking for a unique shark present or a shark pendant for yourself, it is good to know that spirit of the shark will be there too. Oceanicshark has the biggest collection of shark tooth necklaces in Australia. You can choose from elegant silver pendants or casual bead cord necklaces in our jewellery collection

And may the spirit of the shark be with you!

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