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    Introducing our special Rare Large Mako Shark Tooth Pendant! This unique pendant is carefully crafted by Oceanicshark skilled artisans, who make it by hand with a personal touch. It features a genuine large rare Mako shark tooth that has been sustainably sourced from a licensed fishery like all our shark teeth.
   This rare shape Mako shark tooth is very hard to find and it's a true jewel of our shark teeth jewellery collection. Shark teeth are very delicate material  and Mako shark teeth are especially difficult ones to work with. This Mako shark tooth is beautifully set in a high-quality hand-polished silver, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that you can wear with pride. Limited edition model by Oceanicshark, Australia. We have only a few of them left.

     Wearing a real shark tooth necklace symbolizes a connection to the primal energy of the ocean and is believed to bring strength and resilience to the person who wears it.

     Whether you're a shark enthusiast, a thrill-seeker, or in search of a meaningful shark gift, this rare Mako shark tooth pendant  is an ideal choice. It's a wonderful idea for a men's birthday gift, a surprise for your boyfriend or husband, or a unique shark present for Christmas. Don't miss the opportunity to buy this rare Mako shark tooth pendant for your loved one or yourself.


Rare Mako Shark Tooth Pendant Details:

  • Real Mako shark tooth (Isurus oxyrinchus species)
  • Mako shark  tooth size: 34-39 mm long and 15-20 mm wide (1.39'' -1.53'' long and 0.59'' - 0.78'' wide)
  • This Mako shark tooth is ethically sourced from a licensed fishery
  • High-quality solid 925 hand-polished sterling silver
  • Free genuine leather cord choker included 
  • Leather choker size: 47 cm/6.9'' long
  • Comes with original Oceancishark tag
  • This model is made of a real rare Mako shark tooth and handmade individually, so your pendant may slightly vary from the photo, as no two items are exactly the same
    Mako sharks are known for their remarkable speed and agility in the ocean. They are some of the fastest swimmers among all shark species, capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.
     These apex predators have sharp teeth and a voracious appetite, making them formidable hunters. Mako sharks can be aggressive when provoked, and their encounters with humans have occasionally led to dangerous situations. 
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Sehr gute Arbeit. Es gefällt mir sehr. Anhänger ist wie auf dem Bild. Die Antwort des Verkäufer auf meine Frage kam schnell. Alles bestens.


Fully recommended seller ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Passed the smile when open test. Thanks 👍🏼