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     Introducing our very special product  - Rare Whitetip Shark Tooth Necklace – a unique piece that combines nature's beauty with expert craftsmanship. This authentic shark tooth comes from Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Carcharhinus longimanus species), sourced sustainably through licensed fisheries as a byproduct, ensuring ethical practices. This shark species are rare and we are lucky to come across this shark.

    Each shark tooth is individually capped in high quality solid silver by skilled Oceanicshark silversmiths, showcasing a blend of artistry and raw natural elegance. We used a new ultra refined smooth silver polishing technique in this elegant trendy model.

   Buy this real shark tooth necklace that is truly extraordinary. The tooth is quite sharp and similar in shape to a Great White Shark tooth. It's not a simple piece if jewelry - it's a stylish modern amulet that captures a sense of wonder and adventure.  


  Rare Whitetip Shark Tooth Necklace Details:


  • Real Oceanic Whitetip shark tooth (Carcharhinus longimanus species)
  • Oceanicshark Whitetip shark  tooth size: 20-23 mm long and 19-22 mm wide (0.78'' -0.90'' long and 0.75'' - 0.87'' wide)
  • This Oceanic Whitetip shark tooth is ethically sourced from a licensed fishery
  • High-quality solid 925 hand-polished sterling silver
  • Free genuine leather cord choker included 
  • Leather choker size: 47 cm/6.9'' long
  • Comes with original Oceancishark tag
  • This model is made of a real shark tooth and handmade individually, so your necklace may slightly vary from the photo, as no two items are exactly the same

        Did you know? Unlike many other sharks, Oceanic Whitetip sharks have the ability to regulate their body temperature. This adaptation allows them to thrive in a wide range of ocean temperatures and depths. 
       Wearing a shark tooth necklace is not just a stylish accessory, it's a symbol of protection and resilience, embodying the strength and endurance of the ocean's apex predator.

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