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   Unleash the untamed spirit of the ocean with Black Whaler Shark Jaws – a jaw-dropping choice for a shark-themed birthday surprise or a distinctive gift for the person who appreciates the extraordinary. These jaws are not just a piece of art, they embody the raw power and mystery of the Black Whaler shark, also known as the Dusky shark.

    These real Black Whaler shark jaws make for a stunning addition to any collection, home décor, or educational setting. They serve as a reminder of the ocean's wonders and the incredible diversity of marine life. Whether you're a marine biology enthusiast, a shark lover, or simply appreciate the wonders of nature, these jaws are sure to capture your imagination.

    Each set of shark jaws is sourced responsibly and prepared with the utmost care, ensuring their authenticity and high quality. With their striking appearance and realistic design, these jaws are guaranteed to become a focal point of conversation and admiration. Discover the captivating allure of the ocean with these remarkable real Black whaler shark jaws.


   Black Whaler Shark Jaws Details:

  • Genuine Black Whaler/Dusky Shark Jaws (Carcharhinus obscurus species)
  • Shark jaws size: 32 cm wide and 20 cm high 
  • Origin: These Black Whaler/Dusky shark jaws are ethically sourced from a licensed fishery
  • You will receive this exact set of Black Whaler shark jaws in the photo
  • All international orders come with official wildlife permit from CITES (Convention of International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)


    The Black Whaler shark is scientifically known as Carcharhinus obscurus. This name is sometimes used due to its dark coloration and predatory nature. The Black Whaler or Dusky sharks are known to inhabit a wide range of depths, from shallow coastal waters to depths of around 1,000 feet (305 meters). They are often associated with the continental shelf.

   As one of the larger species of requiem sharks, the Black Whaler or Dusky shark can grow to impressive lengths, contributing to the size and impact of its jaws. They have powerful jaws equipped with rows of serrated teeth. These teeth are not only razor-sharp but are also arranged in a way that allows the shark to slice through prey with incredible precision. 

     Black Whaler shark jaws are often used as educational and decorative displays. Their striking appearance, coupled with the knowledge of their predatory nature, makes them popular choices for showcasing the wonders of marine life.


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