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   Dive into the wonders of the ocean with this rare Bramble Shark Jaws – a jaw-dropping gift for shark enthusiasts, collectors, and scientists alike. These jaws capture the tough spirit of the Bramble Shark, making them a fin-tastic addition to any collection.

     We responsibly source shark jaws, buying them as a byproduct from licensed fisheries. This specific Bramble Shark Jaws is quite rare, it comes from the 2012 year catch.

     Whether you're a marine enthusiast or collector, these shark jaws enhance your decor, whether on walls, shelves or as a striking centerpiece. They offer a great opportunity for all ages to learn about marine life and shark species. Perfect for marine enthusiasts, surfers, fishermen, or ocean lovers, these shark jaws make a thoughtful and unforgettable gift.


    Bramble Shark Jaws For Sale Details:

  • Genuine Bramble Shark Jaws (Echinorhinus brucus species)
  • Shark jaws size: 16 cm wide and 14 cm high 
  • Origin: This Bramble shark jaw is ethically sourced from a licensed fishery
  • You will receive this exact set of shark jaws in the photos
  • All international orders come with official wildlife permit from CITES (Convention of International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

    The Bramble Shark, scientifically known as Echinorhinus brucus, is a deep-sea dweller renowned for its enigmatic presence in the ocean depths. Characterized by a distinctive bramble-like skin texture, these sharks navigate the ocean with a quiet grace. The showcased jaws reveal the apex predator features of the Bramble Shark, with rows of razor-sharp teeth designed for efficient hunting in the abyssal realms.

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