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    Introducing our authentic Mako Shark Jaws, a captivating piece of marine wonder that brings the raw power of the ocean right to your collection or display. These genuine Mako shark jaws are a testament to the fearsome beauty and astonishing anatomy of one of the fastest and most impressive predators of the deep.
    The jaws have been carefully preserved to maintain their natural beauty, and no artificial colors or alterations have been made. This means you'll enjoy the natural view of the Mako shark's anatomy.
     Whether featured in a marine biology lab, a nautical-themed room, or a collector's cabinet, these genuine Mako shark jaws create a striking and unforgettable visual point, adding a touch of the wild and mysterious ocean to your décor.
     It's a beautiful shark trophy display for hunters, fishermen, or a shark collector. Great shark jaws decoration idea for a men's present or shark birthday gift. Excellent Father's Day present or Christmas shark present.  


      Mako Shark Jaws Details:

  • Genuine Mako Shark Jaws (Isurus oxyrinchus species)
  • Shark jaws size: 16-20 cm wide and 18-24 cm high 
  • Origin: These Mako shark jaws are ethically sourced from a licensed fishery as a by-product
  • The shark jaws you will receive may slightly vary from the photo, as no two items are exactly the same
  • All international orders come with official wildlife permit from CITES (Convention of International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
     Mako sharks are often called the cheetahs of the sea because of their incredible speed. These sharks are among the fastest swimmers in the ocean, capable of reaching speeds up to 60 miles per hour.
     These sharks have long, sharp teeth and powerful jaws designed for hunting fish and squid, making them top predators in their underwater realm. Makos are highly migratory, with some individuals embarking on long journeys spanning thousands of miles. They are also remarkable for their ability to leap out of the water, displaying acrobatic skills that few other sharks possess.
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