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   Australian indigenous necklace with a real shark tooth. This unique necklace honors the rich cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people, showcasing their deep connection to the sea. Handcrafted with care, it combines the raw beauty of a real shark tooth with traditional Aboriginal colours.
   Each necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece that tells a story, reflecting the spiritual significance of the shark and the strength it represents. 
   Beautiful Australian indigenous necklace, celebrating the traditions of the Aboriginal people and the power of the ocean.


Aboriginal Australian Necklace Details:

  • Genuine Blue shark tooth (Prionace glauca species)
  • Shark tooth size: 15-20 mm long and 10 mm wide (0.59"- 0.78'' long and 0.39'' wide)
  • Necklace size: 34-75 cm  (13.4''- 29.5'') 
  • This Blue shark tooth is ethically sourced from a licensed fishery
  • Adjustable slip knot to fit any size neck
  • Cotton waxed cord
  • Comes with original Oceanicshark tag
  • This model is made of a real shark tooth and handmade individually, so your necklace may slightly vary from the photo, as no two items are exactly the same


  In Australian Aboriginal culture, wearing shark tooth necklaces holds significant meaning. These necklaces symbolize a deep connection to the land, sea, and ancestral wisdom.

   The shark, known for its power and strength, represents protection and guidance in Aboriginal belief systems.

   Wearing a shark tooth necklace is seen as a way to tap into this power and connect with the spiritual realm. Wearing a shark tooth necklace is a testament to the enduring traditions and reverence for the natural world.

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