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   Wear a piece of the ocean's wild beauty around your neck with our real Bull shark tooth necklace (made from real Bull shark tooth - Carcharhinus leucas species). This particular shark tooth has a very similar shape to the Great White shark tooth, with sharp serrated edges.  

    Each shark tooth is carefully carved in top-quality solid silver, making it a unique and breathtaking piece of jewelry. You'll feel the raw power and mystery of the shark as you wear this authentic piece, symbolizing courage, strength, and power.

    Whether you're a shark lover, adventurer, or simply want a meaningful accessory, our real shark tooth silver pendant is the perfect choice. It's also a popular choice as a men's birthday present, Father's Day gift or a Christmas shark present. Buy your own piece of ocean magic today and feel the thrill of the wild on your skin!


    Shark Tooth Silver Pendant Details:

  • Real Bull shark tooth (Carcharhinus leucas species)
  • Shark tooth size: 28-31 mm long and 22 mm wide (1.10'' -1.22'' long and 0.86'' wide) 
  • This Bull shark tooth is ethically sourced from a licensed fishery
  • High-quality solid 925 hand-polished sterling silver
  • Free genuine leather cord choker included 
  • Leather choker size: 47 cm/6.9'' long
  • Comes with original Oceancishark tag
  • This model is made of a real shark tooth and handmade individually, so your necklace may slightly vary from the photo, as no two items are exactly the same
    The Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is a dangerous predator, known for its aggressive nature and adaptability to various environments. Unlike many other shark species, Bull sharks are capable of surviving in both saltwater and freshwater habitats. 
    With a powerful bite force and sharp teeth designed to rip through flesh, encounters with Bull sharks can result in severe injuries or fatalities, making it imperative to exercise caution when entering waters known to be inhabited by these fearsome predators.
    In addition to their physical prowess, Bull sharks are renowned for their territorial behavior and assertiveness when it comes to defending their territories and searching for prey. This aggressive disposition, combined with their ability to thrive in diverse environments, solidifies their reputation as one of the most dangerous sharks on the planet.


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Marios Simeonidis

Alles super! Immer wieder gerne!


Quality item I love this and a very quick delivery Thank You ..A1 A1 A1


Very pretty necklace just as described. Cheers


Very nice pendant. Pleased with everything about it. Thank you.