Great White Shark – Fascinating Predator of the Ocean

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Great White Shark – Fascinating Predator of the Ocean

There are many types of sharks in the world. In fact, not all of them are dangerous to humans, but this does not apply to the Great White shark. It is surrounded by myths. So, it is no coincidence that many people would like to buy a Great White shark tooth necklace to get closer to the legend.

We will tell you some interesting facts about great white sharks. Our company Oceanicshark is located in South Australia, which is one of only three places in the world where these sharks are abundant (The other two are California and South Africa). We can tell that we know about white sharks literally first-hand.

  • The White shark is ranked fourth among the most dangerous creatures on our planet.
  • Adult White sharks are able to bite through metal steel bars because Great White sharks' teeth are very sharp. So, the anti-shark cage does not guarantee 100% safety for humans. Every year there are episodes of shark attacks on caged tourists, even with fatal outcomes.
  • The largest of the White sharks caught weighed about 3.5 tons and reached a length of ten meters.
  • On average, an adult White shark consumes about 11 tons of food annually. The deadly Great White shark teeth make it an excellent hunter.
  • During the hunt, the White shark can jump out of the water to a height of up to three meters. There is a known case when an aggressive great white shark broke through the bottom of a sailing yacht. The owner of the vessel and his partner were rescued, and the yacht sank.

Of course, Great White shark teeth are impressive. There are many myths associated with them. The genuine Great White shark tooth necklace was very popular among the natives of the Pacific Islands as protective amulets. Look at this necklace, the tooth is very sharp (almost like a tooth of a Great White one).

The sharp teeth of sharks were also often used on spears, brass knuckles, and clubs. In close combat, this edged weapon inflicted maximum damage on the enemy, leaving monstrous wounds on the body. Oceanicshark does not sell White shark teeth. But we have models of jewelry with teeth that are very similar in shape to the Great White shark. Like this necklace, for example.

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