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Surfing Necklace

Surfing is not only a sport but a whole culture that has become a separate industry. This applies to clothing, accessories and jewelry, primarily in the form of a surfing necklace. It is important not only in what you tame the waves but also in what you walk, namely your style. Over the years of development of surf culture, a certain image has been formed that unites people who love speed, adrenaline and the sea.

By the way, surfing is considered one of the most ancient sports. This is evidenced by prehistoric rock paintings found near the city of Chan Chan in Peru, in which a man was depicted riding on the waves on a board. Historians suggest that these images are approximately 5,000 years old.

Quite an extreme sport has also formed specific jewelry. They should be light, comfortable, and not always expensive because they can get lost at sea. It is no coincidence that various beads and pendants with shells, baubles with stones and travel bracelets have won the greatest popularity among surfers as jewelry. There are quite a few variations on this theme, but the most popular necklaces are made from shark teeth. Such jewelry has become a trend for a long time. On our website, you will find women's and men's surfing necklaces in a variety of designs.

In the online shop we have cheap surfing necklaces with small teeth starting at $10. There are models with shark's teeth not just on the cord, but with wooden coloured beads. You can find things with large teeth of rare sharks.

Separately, it is worth talking about pendants with teeth. This is a piece of jewelry, the diversity of which can be envied by many other jewelry models. Various shapes, setting in silver, and a combination of shark teeth with different decorating materials allows you to choose a cool surfing necklace for any occasion.

In addition, many surfers believe in the magical power of a surfing necklace with shark teeth. Such amulets are considered to bring courage to the owner and protect against unwanted encounters with aggressive predators. Here you can buy just such a surfer’s necklace for yourself or as a gift to a person who is fond of surfing.

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